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A Let's Unpack That session is for you if:

Wish to gain clarity on a topic that's troubling you

See an emotional problem that could get bigger if it's not addressed early

Want a neutral and confidential space to workshop a niggly life situation

Are open to changing and growing as a person

Feel a desire for a shift or change in a very specific area of your life

It's probably time to see a traditional therapist if you:

Have serious, ongoing and complex mental health issues that require intensive support

Feel as though you have 'so much to say' but can't narrow it down to a specific issue

Would like to explore the various interconnected events of your life over time in therapy

Are investigating acute or complex trauma from childhood experiences or interpersonal relationships

Have noticed significant dips to your mood, sleep and energy levels over months

  • Complimentary consultation (15 mins)
    15 min
  • A single Let's Unpack That session
    1 hr
    95 Australian dollars
  • A LUT session using your astrological birth chart + transits
    1 hr 30 min
    125 Australian dollars

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