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Hey, I'm Sarah

Therapy doesn't have to be the big deal we make it out to be. We all need a space to be fully seen and heard by somebody who truly ‘gets’ us. 


My professional qualifications and personal experience enable me to delicately hold the balance between presence, curiosity and practical tools.

Sometimes people go to therapy to find out 'what's wrong with them'. This is not my approach. I look for the nuances of what is influencing your situation and ask questions about your values, beliefs and ideas. Together we find the clarity that will empower you to take your next step. 


My ultimate aim is to take you on the road back to trusting yourself. You're the expert of your own life - and I am just the mirror for you to see that again.

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"Sarah is one of a kind. She spoke my language and gave me a whole new perspective of looking at things" - Lily

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