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Hey, I'm Sarah

Therapy doesn't have to be the big deal we make it out to be. We all need a space to be fully seen and heard by somebody who truly ‘gets’ us. 


My professional qualifications and personal experience enable me to delicately hold the balance between presence, curiosity and practical tools.

Sometimes people go to therapy to find out 'what's wrong with them'. This is not my approach. I look for the nuances of what is influencing your situation and ask questions about your values, beliefs and ideas. Together we find the clarity that will empower you to take your next step. 


My ultimate aim is to take you on the road back to trusting yourself. You're the expert of your own life - and I am just the mirror for you to see that again.

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  • Can I use a Medicare mental health plan?
    Unfortunately, no. I can direct you to places where you can, if you would prefer.
  • What if I don't get what I want from the session?
    I encourage active participation in the session to make sure you agree with the direction we're going in. Speaking your mind at the check in points is critical to getting what you want out of it, so I warmly welcome collaboration. If it doesn't feel like the answer you were hoping for at the end, hopefully we have gotten a little closer to understanding the issue. Sometimes things are way more complicated than we thought, or, the solution is not what we expected. Trust yourself and stay open to the process. I also invite feedback afterwards.
  • What should I do to prepare for the session?
    Try and define your topic to a few key words. Eg. "disagreement with my brother", "difficult work decision", "feeling betrayed by a friend". If you like, you can do some initial journaling on the topic. Otherwise, just come with a crystallised issue in mind and an open heart.
  • I already have a therapist. Will this impact our work together?
    That's awesome! It's up to you, but I don't think so. This service is for those "in between" issues, so ideally this exists in a separate space. You might see these sessions as an extra "top up" version of therapy. I encourage both!
  • I've never opened up to someone before, how do I know this is right for me?
    It can be scary to share your vulnerability with someone. But also so worth it! I would suggest trying the "vibe check" call with me to see what it feels like to chat on the phone. A good therapist won't take you further than your comfort zone, and the sessions are designed to unfold at your pace of sharing. Trying a new thing can be daunting, but with trust and openness, you'll know what's right for you!
  • Are any topics out of bounds?
    Yes and no. The nature and intensity of the topic is what counts. So, if you know you're dealing with something that would require in-depth, long-term, specialist attention, try looking at the 'external resources' list below instead for some alternative options. If we start the session and I have concerns around whether this is the right platform for you, I can redirect you and offer a partial refund. You can always check with me first in the vibe check call!
  • Is this confidential?
    Yes. There is a tightly sealed container between you and I. In the extremely unlikely event that you appear to be in a life-threatening situation during our call, I would call the police or an ambulance and therefore need to share your number. However outside of this, who I speak to, your personal details and what we speak about stays private to me only.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Life happens sometimes. If it's 72 hours before, we can reschedule. As the nature of the service is to offer time-sensitive appointments, if you cancel with less than 72 hours notice I will need to take a 50% fee. This ensures integrity, availability and fairness to everyone who accesses Let's Unpack That. If I am sick or experience an extenuating circumstance, I will contact you ASAP and figure out which option works best for you (refund, reschedule).
  • What kind of training do you have?
    I graduated from The University of Sydney in 2017 with a Bachelor of Social Work. My counselling foundation was built over more than two years working as a grief and loss counsellor at a well-renowned charity organisation. Here, I was able to explore various different approaches to counselling, with regular peer supervision, training and critical self reflection. I embraced acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), narrative therapy, group work and more. I take regular sessions with a private Social Work supervisor for my Let's Unpack That work. This space is to encourage reflection, growth and learning in my development as a counsellor. I also credit my gifted psychologist, Cecilia, for showing me what it means to be a good therapist over the past 6 years.
  • What makes you different?
    I have no agenda except to help my clients. I don't work for NSW Health or any other bureaucratic social or medical service. I work for you. There are no forms to fill out, no irrelevant details collected and I don't need to fit your story into a medical model. Unless there is a case of serious life threatening harm, you can literally say anything without worrying if it will raise alarm bells or change your therapeutic experience. I speak with you with the knowledge that you are the expert on your life. I have observations, insights and suggestions based on what I hear - but most of all I trust your inner knowing. The way I ask questions is done with the intention of guiding you towards your own clarity. You will be truly surprised how much you end up opening up when there is a safe space for your words and emotions to be deeply seen.
  • My lifestyle involves things that some might label "alternative". When you say non-judgmental, how far does that extend?
    We live in a world that is slow to wake up to the multiple versions of freedom that exist out there. People who don't fit the mould can feel that stigma anywhere, and that includes therapy sometimes (unfortunately). I have a very non-judgemental and understanding tone when it comes to topics that aren't always safe to speak about openly, eg. substance and plant medicine use, intimacy and sexuality practices, gender, ethical non-monogamy, sex work, spiritual beliefs, political values, personal parenting styles and more. I seek to clarify what is important to you and go from there. I aim for neutrality while acknowledging the complexities of living outside the dominant culture.
  • What will I experience in a session?
    We will spend the first 20 mins (roughly) unpacking your topic. This looks like you telling me the story however it unfolds for you. Include any details you think necessary and I will listen patiently. Then, I'll start to ask my questions and check to see if I've understood the main components of the problem. I keep asking things. You keep answering. Halfway through, we will start getting to the crux of it all. Then, we spend the last 20 mins shaping up a game plan for you. This could look like a variety of things, but this is a key critical part, so you end your session with a sense of a path forward.
  • What theoretical approaches are you drawing from?
    Critical social work Trauma informed practice Culturally responsive practice Anti-oppressive practice Strengths based approach Narrative therapy Transpersonal psychology These are dense ideas that are hard to summarise. I invite you to look them up, or alternatively send me a message if you'd like to ask something specific!
  • What kind of things can you help me with?
    The definitive list is probably endless, but for clarity's sake lets just say: work issues, relationship troubles, interpersonal dilemmas, difficult conversations, life transitions, overwhelm, tough decisions, idea testing, goal setting, spiritual downloads, energy management. Think, things you would bring to a close friend or someone you trust - but with the neutrality of a professional. The key to this is your ability to bring a *very specific* topic to your session. We will get as much out of the session as you participate in it.

"Sarah is one of a kind. She spoke my language and gave me a whole new perspective of looking at things" - Lily

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